Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Silver

Investing in special metals is one of the most lucrative business ventures. Most people choose to invest in gold because it tends to generate more profit. However, there are times when majority of people choose to invest in silver. This is because silver has the potential to make people millionaires. There are however times when this metal fails to deliver. Knowing the best time to invest in silver is therefore very important for anyone planning to invest in this special metal. For instance, now is the perfect time to invest in silver if you want to make big profits from it. Below are some reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in silver.

It’s the perfect time of year

Special metals normally have strong times of the year where sales increase and the profits are really attractive. Normally, the months following summer experience stagnation and fall in prices. However, silver experiences a significant increase during the month of September. Over the last 20 years September has been recorded to experience a 2% and above increase in silver sales. September is however the second best when it comes to silver.  The best months are November and December which have average gains of up to 6%

Decrease in China’s Supplies

China has been reported to have experienced a significant drop in silver inventory since 2013. This year, the country as experienced even more drops. It has been predicted that China which is one of the leading producers of silver might become a net buyer. This might sound like a terrible thing but it is not for someone looking to gain profits from the business. Getting into the business now will enable you to make a lot of profits since the decreased supply will increase the prices. This makes it more possible for you to make millions from the business.

Increase in Silver Use

Today, silver is not only used for investment and monetary purposes only. It is used in numerous industrial applications. The increase in usage has increased its demand and it has made silver selling business a very profitable venture. One industrial application that makes now the best time to invest in this metal is the fact that it is being used in solar power systems. There is no doubt that the use of solar power will increase significantly. When this happens, there will be an increasing demand for silver and anyone in the business will be able to make millions.


It is very important to stay updated with the current trends that affect silver if you are considering investing in the business. This will enable you to know whether or not you are making the right choice and most importantly, it will enable you to know the best time to make the investment.

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