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When it comes to safe online silver and gold buying, there are several things you have to do to ensure your own safety. The internet is definitely a great resource, yet there are numerous honey traps that might ensnare you and could lead you to investment loss or a minor rip off. Nowadays, there are numerous ways on how you can determine whether a website is trustworthy and legitimate. 

Some said you can’t judge a book by its cover, yet you can always judge websites, particularly the e-commerce ones, upon first impressions and a little of careful scrutiny. Yes, you can be judgmental when it comes to websites, but it’s an intelligent move. Take a look at the website you’re considering to purchase. Know if it’s reputable. Silver and gold websites littered with pop-ups, garish ads, poor spelling, and grammar are just some of the signs that websites are scam. Simply for the reason that the game’s aim for internet spammers is setting up quick websites and milk these for as long as they could get away with this. Look for professional-looking, clean and well-established websites. In addition to that, get rid of the suspicious sounding domain name extensions or domain names.

The most crucial thing you may do is to check that there’s a form of encryption technology that keeps your private data safe when purchasing over the internet. It’s the cornerstone of secure gold and silver buying. Make sure that you check for little padlock symbol in the browser window on private pages you’re sharing your financial details with.

Regardless of the browser you’re using, the symbol’s location may differ, yet basically this will tell you that you’re using a form of encryption for theft prevention of your personal details. Websites with 128-bit encryption is recommended for everyone that reputable silver and gold online retailers must use. If you can’t see this small symbol, look for another and much reputable website.

It goes without saying that you must have some kind of quality firewall and antivirus software on your computer. Update this on a regular basis and perform virus scans regularly to ensure there’s nothing that could jeopardize your important data.

Through following those steps above, you will have a better idea about secure and safe gold and silver buying. If you are still searching for a reliable dealer, then choose Durham Precious Metals instead. It is known for its reliability and good reputation in the market. If you want to experience easy and simple process of buying precious metals like gold and silver, Durham Precious Metals is the perfect place for you.

Durham Precious Metals knows what people need when it comes to gold and silver buying online. Regardless of your experience, whether you’re a starter or an experienced investor to these precious metals, everything will be easy with the help of Durham Precious Metals. All you have to do is to choose the best gold and silver items for your investment.

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The Current Silver Buying Craze

The Current Silver Buying Craze

When most people think about investing in special metals, the first thing that comes to mind is gold. This is very understandable since there is a lot of attention given to gold. However, silver is the most profitable investment venture. Since 2013, more and more people have entered into this business and many have been able to make millions from it. The current silver buying craze is expected to go on even in the years to come. So why are so many people investing in silver?

1. It Makes Perfect Sense

The process of investing is mainly focused on supply and demand. When there is a decreased supply in a certain commodity, there is high demand for it which consequently leads to increase in prices of the commodity. This is the situation that silver is facing. In the past, there was increased supply of silver since it was only used for monetary and investment purposes. However, today, this metal has more industrial applications. This has greatly increased the demand and the supply hasn’t been enough to cater for the high demand. As a result, this has led to increase in the prices of silver thereby making it a very profitable business venture.

2. Positive Trends

Every investment is normally a risk to the investor. This is because there is no way to tell how the investment ins going to turn out in the long-run. The same case applies to silver. It is very hard to tell whether the metal will deliver in terms of profit or not. However, the great thing about silver is the fact that one can be able to predict to some extent what the long-term result will be. The decreased supply and increase in demand of silver in the past recent years shows that the prices might remain high for a long time. With such projections, many people are very confident entering into the business.  Here is a video outlining the projections for silver.

3. Long-term Investment

Short-term investment in silver is a very risky move. There is a high chance that you might not make the profits you hope for especially if you invest at the wrong time of year. However, profits are certain when you make a long-term investment in this metal. This is because you are able to take advantage of the profitable times of year when there is decreased supply and high demand. For this reason, most people invest in silver as a long-term investment because it has minimal risk.


In summary, these are the main reasons why there are so many people investing in silver. It is a profitable venture and when you invest in it as a long-term investment, you have better chances of making millions. Its definately a lucrative business venture especially during this time of year.

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